Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Tutorial: Create a Resource Type

There's a new tutorial online which explains how to create a new resource type, based on a simple FoaF person XML structure:
  • Declare the resource type
  • Add new documents
  • Presentation (XSLT, CSS)
  • Editing with one-form editor
  • Editing with BXE
Maybe you have to wait a while until the staging documentation is updated to see all parts of the tutorial.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Please Test the Proxy-Related Changes!

Thorsten introduced a ProxyTranformer which takes care of adding the correct proxy URL to all internal links. Apart from that, the navigation elements now produce UUID-based links, which has a lot of advantages.

Please take the opportunity to help us getting 1.4 RC1 out of the door and test these changes. You'll find the patches attached to bug 42050.

Proxying in the Way of 1.4?

At the moment, proxying is the most heavily discussed issue on the developers list. The core problem is that, with 1.4, module URLs have been introduced which are located outside a publication's URL space. The question is whether proxying should be responsible of mapping these URLs into the website space, or if we should change Lenya and introduce a reserved URL space for modules within publications. Feel free to join the discussion.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Website has been updated

Thanks to Thorsten Scherler, the Lenya Website has been updated again. The project guidelines have been updated, reflecting our traditional approach to voting for new committers. Apart from that, the structure of the documentation has been updated.

And I have added a tutorial about creating a new publication with 1.4. Feel free to give it a try and complain on the user list if something doesn't work as expected.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hackathon in Zurich, July 2007

Jann Forrer of the University of Zurich was kind enough to organize a Lenya Hackathon. It will take place from July 11 to 13, 2007. You find more information at the Wiki page.

I suggested to make the meeting more appealing to users, hopefully the community will agree.

Welcome to the Apache Lenya Weblog

Hello and welcome to the Apache Lenya weblog!

This weblog is meant as a source of information for anyone who is too lazy to follow the mailing lists. We'll keep you up to date about the latest Lenya developments and maybe post some information about related open source projects.